May 1: Beltane

And the druids are coming out of the woodwork (pun intended):

HAMBURG – Up to 150,000 self-styled witches and warlocks, New Age practitioners and the simply curious are converging for May Eve revelries on the summit of the highest peak in the Harz Mountains on Saturday night.

Children in spooky costumes will participate in parades and street fairs in villages on the slopes of the Brocken, the mountain immortalised in Alexander Borodin’s ‘Night on Bald Mountain’ orchestral suite.

Bonfires will light the nighttime skies on mountain tops in the Harz region as local communities held their own May Day Eve festivals marking the end of winter and the coming of summer.

It’s even happening here, in small town Middle America–although it’s more of a potluck supper thing:

BELTANE CELEBRATION: 11 a.m.-4 p.m. May 1, Soap Fat Road, Shippenville [Pa.]. Beltane ?

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