Bishop Robinson: Who is His God?

Open homosexual Rev. Gene Robinson of the Episcopal Church USA was a special guest at Planned Parenthood’s annual prayer breakfast:

“We have allowed the Bible to be taken hostage, and it is being wielded by folks who would use it to hit us over the head. We have to take back those Scriptures,” he said. “You know, those stories are our stories. I tell this to lesbian folk all the time: The story of freedom in Exodus is our story. … That’s my story, and they can’t have it.

“This current administration notwithstanding, the world is not black and white,” Bishop Robinson said. “We need to teach people about nuance, about holding things in tension, that this can be true and that can be true, and somewhere between is the right answer. It’s a very adult way of living, you know.

“What an unimaginative God it would be if God only put one meaning in any verse of Scripture,” he said.

In other words, Bishop Robinson believes that when you “nuance” the word of God, adultery and homosexuality aren’t really classified as “sin”.

That’s a different Bible than any of the translations I know about.

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