“Revelations” Disappointing

NBC’s apocalyptic miniseries Revelations, which debuted Wednesday night, is a disappointment. Not because it’s visually unappealing, badly written, or poorly acted. In fact, the high production values only emphasize the production’s basic shortcomings.

Regardless of whether you’re pre-, post-, or amillennial, the idea of Jesus returning to Earth as a baby is ridiculous. (I presume that non-believers find the whole concept of “final judgment” ridiculous, so if that’s you, skip this post.) So is the idea that Jesus, in any human form, would need the protection of a skinny nun and an agnostic astrophysicist.

A couple of other notes:

  • John Rhys-Davies’ character, a college professor, declares to an audience of college students that a tornado in a junkyard would have a better chance of assembling Buckingham Palace than for life to spontaneously create itself in our universe. And then he adds, “And yet it did!” Is that not a prime example of blind religious faith?
  • A comatose girl in a hospital bed recites the Latin Vulgate version of the book of Revelation and channeling someone who draws a map to lead the nun to the skeptical astrophysicist. Apparently the nun is unaware of God’s strict command against consulting mediums.

Now that I think about it, maybe this series will appeal more to non-believers. They won’t be as likely to get hung up on the absurd theology.

The best to hope for is that an end-of-the-world drama will actually move some people to consider the state of their immortal souls. I just hope they don’t confuse Revelations with reality, as so many have done with the gnostic claptrap of The Da Vinci Code.

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