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Real Life Armageddon Strain Scenario

So we’ve got this nearly 100% fatal Marburg virus spreading through the west African nation of Angola. Oddly, the story still doesn’t warrant front-page coverage because news editors have decided breast implants and Britney Spears’ pregnancy are more important.

Now comes word that the ‘Asian flu’ strain which killed up to 4 million people in 1957 has been “accidentally” shipped to labs all over the world. Scientists are scrambling to destroy the 5,000 test kits before somebody breaks a vial and creates a real problem.

Sorry if my BS detector is ringing here, but I seriously doubt that a strain of killer flu nearly 50 years old just happened to be lying around a laboratory where somebody could “accidentally” mistake it for a less virulent strain. It just doesn’t ring true.

One of two things has happened:

  1. Somebody wanted this flu strain released;
  2. It really was an accident, which doesn’t make me very comfortable that other labs in the U.S. are playing around with the Spanish flu virus from 1918. That strain killed as many as 100 million people last time it was loose.

The 1957 Asian flu belongs to the H2N2 family. It hasn’t been included in flu vaccines since 1968, meaning that no one under the age of about 37 has immunity to it. Presumably, a large number of laboratory workers fall into this age group.

And it’s been shipped around the world by an American lab–“accidentally”.

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