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Another Mainline Church Ready to Abandon the Bible

The Evangelical Lutheran Church moves another step closer to allowing homosexual pastors:

CHICAGO – Lutheran bishops could allow gay and lesbian clergy in committed relationships to become pastors of congregations under a proposal advanced Monday by a council of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.

Church policy currently bans gay and lesbian clergy who are involved with partners but allows those who are celibate. The proposal – which would require that the bishop of a synod, or district, seek an exception to the ban for a particular candidate – will be voted on by the church’s assembly at its annual meeting in August.

With almost 5 million members, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America is one of the nation’s largest Protestant bodies. Like several other major Protestant denominations, it has wrestled in recent years with issues involving gays and lesbians.

Disappointed gay supporters said the proposal – which the church council offered after three days of meetings at church headquarters in Chicago – might not be approved by the approximately 1,000-member assembly because it is so complicated and filled with conditions.

They also said they don’t view the proposal as a step forward because several active ministers already are in committed gay relationships and have not been disciplined by church leaders.

What? They’d rather not have official approval because a few homosexual pastors are getting a sweeter deal by breaking the rules?

Is anyone at ELCA headquarters actually consulting the Bible on this?

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