A Need For Christian Bioethicists

I’ve been thinking more about the J. Wesley Smith article on “personhood theory”. When the definition of “life” can be so twisted that animals and some machines are considered “persons” while the disabled and newborns are not, there is a clear and present need for those who value life to choose this field as a career.

Think on this: A future in which the weakest in our society–the unborn and the functionally disabled–are “strip-mined”, to use Smith’s term, for spare parts to keep the rest of us healthy.
We need Christians with scientific training to step into the breach, people who can make the proper arguments and have the credentials to back them up. I can rant all I want, but my degree is in Economics and I have no track record in that field anyway. My best hope of influencing the debate is with the gifts I’ve been given. This issue will be prominent in a forthcoming novel, tentatively titled Blood Into Gold.

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