More on Rev. Gene Robinson

It’s not that homosexuality is a “worse” sin than anything I’m guilty of. To God, sin is sin. He doesn’t grade on a curve. Entrance to heaven is pass/fail, and “there is none righteous, no, not one.”

What’s troublesome about activist homosexuals is their open denial of God’s standards of right and wrong. It’s especially troubling when this denial comes from a prominent professing Christian such as Gene Robinson. His rebellion becomes a stumbling block to others, who see in him justification for their refusal to submit to God.

Look, Jesus made it clear that entrance to heaven requires perfect adherence to the Law. No one except Jesus has ever lived from birth to death without breaking some of God’s commands. Jesus said that breaking one was the same as breaking the whole–pass/fail. Our only hope is through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

Jesus said those who truly love Him would follow His commands. “But Jesus never spoke out against homosexuality!” That statement is only true if one rejects Jesus as God or the accuracy of scripture. These are shifting theological sands:

  • Heresy–denying that Jesus and God are one; or
  • Cafeteria-style religion, picking and choosing doctrine based on what seems right, which amounts to creating a small-“g” god in one’s own image.

Gene Robinson and those who support him are standing against God and Jesus. At the judgment, his bishop’s collar isn’t going to impress the Creator of the universe.

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