A Teachable Moment

One of the many lessons we can draw from the passing of Pope John Paul II is that the mainstream media doesn’t work very hard to get its facts straight. William Anderson at LewRockwell.com illustrates:

In reading an AP story last night about the death of Pope John Paul II, I was struck by the utter ignorance of whomever wrote the story. It said that he had begun beatification process of the so-called Hitler’s Pope — without saying that those stories had been heavily discredited.

Then it said that his assassination attempt was a mystery (another AP dispatch said it was done by a “fanatical right-winger) even though just in the past two weeks, old Soviet archives that just were opened laid out how it was a hit job by the KGB, working through the East German and Bulgarian secret police.

In other words, when it comes to stating the truth about someone, the AP and other mainstream journalists tend to go with the myths.

That’s why I’m trying to teach my daughter not to believe everything she sees, hears, or reads in the news.

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