Where’s Benny Hinn When You Need Him?

Stacy at Media Soul makes a forehead-slappin’ observation (that’s where you slap yourself and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”):

[T]onight it occurred to me that this Terri Schiavo case could just be ended if we call good old Benny Hinn down to Florida, after all Texas isn’t too far for Hinn to fly from on his personal jet.

Then once Hinn got down there he could do his miracle working power and heal Terri.

Sure! After all, Benny has raised people from the dead, right? I mean, not in the United States or any other semi-industrialized country where curious media types could actually locate witnesses, but still…

I don’t mean to make light of a tragic situation. Actually, hucksters make situations like this all the more tragic, because there are people out there who truly believe that it’s lack of faith that’s kept Terri Schiavo confined to a bed for fifteen years.

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