High School Bans Blogging

Don’t you kids know you have to wait until you get a job to blog on someone else’s time?

Officials at Proctor Jr.-Sr. High School have banned access from school computers to an Internet site that students have been using to post to weblogs, or blogs.

Principal Chris Sousa said the decision to block the site from school was made because blogging is not an educational use of school computers.

In all seriousness, the principal made a good call:

But he’s also urging parents to keep tabs on their children’s blogging, with a particularly close eye to what personal information the student may be posting on sites like Myspace.com.

“It’s not so much a school concern as it is an issue for students and parents,” he said. “This site particularly was getting a lot of hits. It’s a blog site but they also post pictures and biographical information and then send each other notes.” He added, “My concern is less as a principal and more as a dad.”

Kids–and teens especially, since they’re clinically insane–don’t have enough experience out in the real world to consider all of the consequences of their actions. The “14-year-old” on the other end of the online chat might actually be a pedophile trolling for his next victim.

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