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T-Rex Blood!

This is an incredible find:

A 70-million-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex recently discovered in Montana, scientists reported today, has apparently yielded the improbable: soft tissues, including blood vessels and possibly cells, that “retain some of their original flexibility, elasticity and resilience.”

In a paper being published on Friday in the journal Science, the discovery team said that the remarkable preservation of the tissue might open up “avenues for studying dinosaur physiology and perhaps some aspects of their biochemistry.”

The aspect of biochemistry I’d like them to investigate is the mechanism that allowed proteins and soft tissues which normally break down within thousands of years–thousands–to remain intact for “70 million”.

Good grief! Does the science world and mainstream press need to see one of these running through downtown New York before they consider the possibility that the evidence doesn’t support their evolutionary timeline?! This is the kind of blind faith we creationists are supposed to have!

What the New York Times article doesn’t mention is that this same team discovered red blood cells inside another T-Rex in 1997, but quickly backtracked on its finding when it became obvious that creationists were making hay with the news. Let’s see what happens with this.

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