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Did Michael Schiavo Try to Kill His Wife?

Were these allegations ever investigated?

Michael Schiavo once tried to kill his wife Terri with insulin shots, according to a former caregiver for the brain-injured Florida woman.

Michael Schiavo
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The estranged husband — who is living with another woman with whom he has two children — “wants her to die; he doesn’t want the truth to be known,” said Carla Sauer Iyer in an interview this morning on the Fox News Channel program “Fox and Friends.”

WorldNetDaily reported the registered nurse’s testimony in 2003 when it was presented in a 24-page complaint filed in a federal lawsuit alleging Michael Schiavo had forbidden medical professionals to provide his wife with any therapy or rehabilitation and had attempted to hasten her death while she was a patient at the Pinellas Park, Fla., hospice she has lived in since 2000.

After Terri Schiavo’s collapse in 1990 under disputed circumstances, Michael Schiavo won a malpractice lawsuit, promising to use the money for her therapy. Afterward, however, he requested a “do not resuscitate” order, refused therapy and barred stimulation and treatment for infections.

Michael Schiavo believes the collapse, during which oxygen temporarily was cut off to the brain, was the result of an eating disorder, but her parents suspect he tried to strangle her.

Iyer said in the FNC interview that when Terri Schiavo was having a urinary tract infection, Michael Schiavo “would be excited, thrilled, even hoping that she would die soon.”

“What makes you say that?” Iyer was asked.

“He would blurt out ‘When is she gonna die? When is that B-I-T-C-H gonna die? Hasn’t she died yet?'”

It would seem to me that as long as questions remain, sending Terri to her death is horrible mistake.

I still wonder why Michael Schiavo is so determined to see his “wife” dead. He has refused offers of one and ten million dollars to sign away his responsibilities as Terri’s legal guardian. Would the allegations have any bearing on his decision?

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