Steroids in Baseball: None of the Feds’ Business

Kyle Williams is an intelligent young man from Oklahoma with a firm understanding of the proper role of the federal government. Regulating steroid use in baseball is not in its jurisdiction:

[W]e may soon be asking ourselves what we will not do “for the children.” Will hip-hop artists soon be subpoenaed to testify on teen gangs? If some had their way, MTV executives would be in front of a congressional committee testifying on the sexual habits of teenagers and the subsequent spread of STDs. This is, no doubt, dangerous territory as the federal government continues into the world culture-shaping.

Just because something is wrong, as steroid abuse is, doesn’t mean we turn to the federal government for a fix.

Wake up, people. If we continue down this path, we turn our government into a monarchy. Our ancestors fought a couple of wars, in 1776 and 1812, to get out from under one.

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