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Who to Blame

GG comments:

Although in general women are not as strong as a man trained or not…Was that really the cause of what happened here?

The ball was dropped by her entire department. No one came to help her because no one was paying attention, etc. She was taken off guard and the guy was going/planning to overtake any guard standing there. Also, there was another guard outside the courthouse who was shot and died trying to overtake him and he was a MAN and that didn’t seem to stop the prisoner.

I think it is unfair that the woman’s physical weakness is blamed as the sole cause of this fiasco when much more was at play one of which was that the sole guard was outweighed outmaxed and outstrengthed by the prisoner.

Good points. The situation at the Atlanta courthouse spiraled out of control because the deputy didn’t get backup, and there is no guarantee that a male deputy wouldn’t have been overpowered.

However. A man facing life in prison has little to lose. Those responsible for escorting such prisoners have to assume that they’re desperate and willing to do desperate things.

A male deputy would have had a better chance of hanging onto his weapon, which may have prevented the deaths of the other victims. A “petite” 51-year-old woman should never, ever have been responsible for guarding a young, powerful, desperate man whose life was on the line.

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