Darwinists Fear Democracy

I wish I’d seen this column by Gary North when it was first published:

The Darwinists are adamant: voters must sit down and shut up, fork over their tax money to university-certified academic experts, and send their children into the public schools. …

Fundamentalist Christians are divided. Some believe that the public schools should teach both views, Darwinist and non-Darwinist, with equal time for both positions, with both taught as theories. … Others believe that only creationism should be taught. There is no public representative of this position, yet as many as 40% of Americans polled hold this view, as we shall see.

I am adamant: the public schools should be auctioned off next Wednesday — Friday at the latest.
When it comes to a theory of education, the creationists really are bumpkins. They want equal time for Jesus in a system based on coercion rather than evangelism, on coerced funds rather than donations, on state power rather than family authority. They seek a level playing field in a rigged game. They have abandoned Mount Sinai in preference for Mount Coercion.

Then they wonder why they keep losing.

Well worth reading.

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