Drought is Bad, Rain is Worse

Tiny Elvis reports from California on the latest twist of liberal logic:

Last summer, there were plenty of fires. We were told it was because of the ‘severe drought conditions plaguing southern California brought on by the onset of global warming and other bad things caused by the Repulican administration of your choice’. Isn’t rain the common cure for a drought?

This morning, the radio was telling me that all this rain was going to create the ‘worst fire conditions in years’ because of all the lush, thick growth. This is the same lush, thick growth that stablizes hillsides, creates the oxygen we breathe, and helps to clean the air. So now the rain is bad? What about the ‘severe drought conditions’?

The bottom line is this: liberals generally do not want you to be happy. When you are unhappy, you are much easier to be controlled and have your opinion swayed. You are much more willing to fork over your hard-earned money in the form of higher taxes. From the weather to the economy, don’t ever expect to hear good news from the mainstream media.

That’s because the people in media, besides being generally liberal (yeah, by a ratio of like 9-to-1), also tend to believe they’re a lot smarter than you. They see the implications and ramifications that you do not.

I should know. I used to be one. But I got better.

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