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Rest in Peace

March 31, 2005

Michael Schiavo is finally free. He thinks. As will we all, he’ll answer to a higher authority than Judge Greer someday.

Where’s Benny Hinn When You Need Him?

March 30, 2005

Stacy at Media Soul makes a forehead-slappin’ observation (that’s where you slap yourself and say, “Why didn’t I think of that?”): [T]onight it occurred to me that this Terri Schiavo case could just be ended

High School Bans Blogging

March 30, 2005

Don’t you kids know you have to wait until you get a job to blog on someone else’s time? Officials at Proctor Jr.-Sr. High School have banned access from school computers to an Internet site

Divine Council

March 30, 2005

Diane asks: What in the world is the Divine Council? Good question. I’ve been a believer for a while, and I grew up going to church every Sunday. I’d never heard of the Divine Council

Christian Carnival #63

March 30, 2005

Welcome one and all to this week’s Christian Carnival! It was a week rich with topics for thought and discussion, with the Resurrection of Jesus and the Terri Schiavo spectacle, not surprisingly, at the top

Death Penalty Tossed Over Bible Verses

March 29, 2005

A convicted rapist and murderer escapes a death sentence because some of the jurors consulted the Bible for guidance: DENVER – The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday threw out the death penalty in a rape-and-murder

Alert for St. Louis Readers

March 29, 2005

My wife, Sharon K. Gilbert, will be a guest on the Debra Peppers radio program today. She’ll discuss The MythArc series of novels we’re writing, and she’ll no doubt plug her book signing at Barnes

Georgius and Jebus, the Brothers Pilate

March 28, 2005

Vox Day tears into the Bush brothers for their inaction in the Terri Schiavo case: While the brothers Bush may not have found it within their executive powers to prevent a woman from being legally

MythArc Radio #4

March 28, 2005

MythArc Radio #4 is up and available for your listening edification. THis show features the second half of our interview with Dr. Michael Heiser about the Divine Council and its implications for modern Chrisitanity. Mike

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