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Geek Weekend

I spent most of my time this weekend ignoring the real world and playing around with the technical issues needed to begin “podcasting”.

This is essentially what Doug Payton has been doing for the Homespun Bloggers Radio feature, except that HBR is constantly streaming where a podcast is a downloadable audio file, usually mp3, that you can sync with your iPod.

The concept was developed last year by former MTV VJ Adam Curry and Dave Winer, and Curry’s website is a clearinghouse of “how to” and “where dey at”. Already there are about half a dozen apps for Mac OS X (which means there must be about two dozen for Winboxes) that will find, update, and synchronize podcast feeds you like with your iPod.

Think of it as TiVo for your ears.

Anyway, my wife and I will launch a MythArc Radio podcast shortly. The novels we’re writing are only part of the story; there are a whole lot of things happening out there in the wide, wide world that are un- or under-reported by the media, We’d like to help connect some dots.

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