Into the Cesspool

I’ve stayed away from the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert/Talon News story, mainly because I haven’t seen anything I wanted to add to this blogospheric mud-rassle. Yes, Mr. Guckert appears to have a rather unseemly past. I agree that there is something to be desired in the vetting process for White House reporters when a man who apparently runs Internet pornography sites is granted access.

What is stunningly incomprehensible to me is the surreality of gay activists tearing one of their own, or formerly their own, to shreds in public. And this isn’t the first time; there are gays who delight in “outing” others who try to keep their sexuality private.

And maybe the “formerly” is the issue here far Gannon/Guckert. Becoming “ex-gay” is tougher than becoming “ex-CIA” or “ex-Mafia”. No one gets out unhurt.

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