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More Actors I’ll Watch Even in Lousy Movies

Stumbled onto the tail end of Tombstone last night, which reminded me of more actors I find compelling enough to watch even if the movie is bad:

Stephen Lang: Ike Clanton in Tombstone, Gen. George Pickett in Gettysburg, Stonewall Jackson in Gods and Generals. Fascinating performances. Did a good Babe Ruth in a made-for-TV role, too.
Val Kilmer:: His Doc Holliday was incredible. “I’m your huckleberry…”
Sam Elliott: The definitive Western actor of this generation.
Powers Boothe: Wonderful as Curly Bill Brocius in Tombstone, and his Philip Marlowe for HBO 20 years ago was as definitive as Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes.

A couple of others:
Charles Dutton: Best known for the TV series Roc, but his role as Leonard, the Transit Authority cop in Mimic was great:

Why’re you asking me if I’ve ever seen some s**t like this before? Do I look like I’ve ever seen some s**t like this before? Hell, no, I ain’t never seen no s**t like this before!

Not exactly Christian language, true, but appropriate in the context of the scene. Our 14-year-old daughter turned to us after that line and said, “Tell me he doesn’t die.”
F. Murray Abraham: Salieri in Amadeus, Tony Shalhoub’s evil uncle in 13 Ghosts, and countless others. The epitome of the cultured villain.

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