More Actors I’ll Watch in Bad Movies

Gary Oldman! Can you name two movies in which he’s played characters the same way?
Peter O’Toole – He and Katherine Hepburn in The Lion in Winter may have been the best film pairing ever.
Anthony Hopkins – Hannibal Lecter; ’nuff said.

Legends category:

Bela Lugosi – Much greater range than he’s given credit for. He even made Ed Wood, Jr.’s scripts look good.
Vincent Price – Made the Hammer horror films worth watching.
Cary Grant – Class personified.
Claude Rains – Elegant and refined, a fascinating face to watch.
Humphrey Bogart – An icon.
Lee Marvin – Ben Rumson from Paint Your Wagon has to be one of the greatest movie characters ever.
Jack Palance – What a delivery: “You…are my Number One…guy!”

Three more that come to mind as we watch Fargo:
William H. Macy (“We’ve got a date with Destiny, and it looks like she’s ordered the lobster.” – Macy as The Shoveler, from Mystery Men)
Steve Buscemi
Frances McDormand

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