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California Stem Cell Research: Follow the Money

David Jensen is the man on the scene, watching the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM), the state agency established to dole out the $3 billion Californians will pay to farm embryos and harvest their stem cells.

It looks like the oversight committee can barely conceal the real reason Big Biotech lobbied so hard for Proposition 71:

The [Sacramento] Bee was not happy with the conduct of CIRM so far. It said that at the meeting of the oversight committee last week, “committee member Leon Thal asked if members themselves could apply for grants. To everyone’s amazement, the oversight committee started to entertain this idea. After journalists started raising questions, committee members quickly re-adjourned and put the kibosh on granting grants to themselves.”

The fact that the committee members only rejected the idea when they realized they were about to be pilloried by the press should be a huge red flag to Californians and the rest of America.

It’s not about saving lives, people. Prop 71, and the copycat bills being rammed through state legislatures around the U.S., and the license granted to clone humans for research (I don’t care how they spin it, the developing embryos are human and “harvesting” them is murder) in England, are all about the money.

I hope. The novel I’m working on now explores another potential motive.

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