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Outing Joel Osteen

Michael Spencer, the Internet Monk, has issued a wakeup call for evangelicals: It’s time to unmask Joel Osteen.

Osteen, who I’ve posted about before, is the pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, a megachurch that will move into the Compaq Center this year. Shouldn’t every Christian church have seating for 35,000?

There is no question that Pastor Osteen is successful in the eyes of the world. He’s young, handsome, wealthy, and has a book on the best-seller lists. The problem is this: Joel Osteen isn’t preaching the gospel. And a lot of people are being deceived by his feel-good spirituality which avoids the uncomfortable mention of sin.

People who don’t know they have a problem with sin don’t bother to seek salvation. Preaching law and gospel is what his job is supposed to be about. Christians, open your Bibles! Is the gospel of Osteen taken from those pages? If not (and it is not), then we have an obligation to proclaim the truth boldly.

Let us not lament on the day of judgment that our people were destroyed for lack of knowledge.

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