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CBA Wrapup

My lovely wife is on her way back from Nashville by way of her mom’s house in southern Indiana, and she had a wonderful time at the Christian Bookseller Association’s winter convention. The staff and management of Whitaker House treated her like a queen, the new editions of her novels look great, and the promotional strategies for launching The MythArc are very exciting.

Sharon signed away a couple hundred copies of Winds of Evil and The Armageddon Strain, and it looks like the books will soon be turning up in bricks & mortar stores (besides Family Christian Stores, the first major chain to jump on The MythArc when they featured Winds in its back-to-school catalog last summer).

Already, Sharon has three confirmed media interviews, two TV and one radio, as well as a book signing in Indianapolis in March. And we’re told plans are being made to go after a number of key markets. Big markets.

We’ll see where God leads, but wherever it is, this is going to be an interesting year.

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