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Back From Utah

February 28, 2005

That would be Tom of MuD & PHuD, off the ski slopes just in time to post this week’s Best of the Homespun Bloggers. And don’t forget Homespun Bloggers Radio #5, featuring my mellifluous baritone

Geek Weekend

February 27, 2005

I spent most of my time this weekend ignoring the real world and playing around with the technical issues needed to begin “podcasting”. This is essentially what Doug Payton has been doing for the Homespun

Damascus is Next

February 25, 2005

Do you suppose the confession of a lieutenant in Syrian intelligence that aired on al-Iraqiya TV was genuine, or just fuel for the coming fire?

Dad vs. the Teen-Age Male

February 25, 2005

My daughter is 15, an age where she is taking an inordinate interest in the male of the species. That’s to be expected. Last night, she forgot her cell phone at her mother’s house. Now,

Into the Cesspool

February 25, 2005

I’ve stayed away from the Jeff Gannon/James Guckert/Talon News story, mainly because I haven’t seen anything I wanted to add to this blogospheric mud-rassle. Yes, Mr. Guckert appears to have a rather unseemly past. I

Darwinists are Fundamentalists

February 24, 2005

So says David Heddle: I only stop by Pandas Thumb because I find it amusing when the evolutionary fundamentalists get their panties all bunched up over this or that perceived injustice. And they are fundamentalists.

This is Disturbing

February 23, 2005

The formerly upstanding young man charged with plotting to assassinate President Bush, Ahmed Omar Abu Ali, has been identified by the media as “a former Virginia high school valedictorian”. Thanks to the politically correct mainstream

Don’t Miss the Carnival

February 23, 2005

A weekly collection of intelligent thoughts and edifying advice from Christian bloggers. The Christian Carnival is up at Wallo World.

Response to Bill Maher

February 23, 2005

Diana of Ruah comments on Bill Maher’s dismissal of Christians: Religion stops people from thinking? This from Bill Maher? I’d like to see him take his superior intellect and go head to head with someone

More Actors I’ll Watch Even in Lousy Movies

February 23, 2005

Stumbled onto the tail end of Tombstone last night, which reminded me of more actors I find compelling enough to watch even if the movie is bad: Stephen Lang: Ike Clanton in Tombstone, Gen. George

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