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The Darwin Inquisition

An example of the open minds guiding scientific inquiry at our nation’s most prominent museum:

“First, he asked whether [Richard] Sternberg was a religious fundamentalist. She told him no. Coddington then asked if Sternberg was affiliated with or belonged to any religious organization. … He then asked where Sternberg stood politically; … he asked, ‘Is he a right-winger? What is his political affiliation?’

The supervisor recounted the conversation to Sternberg, who also quotes her observing: “There are Christians here, but they keep their heads down.”

The complaint, according to the Journal column, says Coddington took away Sternberg’s office, which prevents access to the specimen collections he needs. Sternberg also was assigned to the close oversight of a curator with whom he had professional disagreements unrelated to evolution.

“I’m going to be straightforward with you,” said Coddington, according to the complaint. “Yes, you are being singled out.”

Richard Sternberg’s crime is that he, as managing editor of a nominally independent peer-reviewed magazine published at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History, dared to publish an article that argues for Intelligent Design.

[Stephen] Meyer’s article, “The Origin of Biological Information and the Higher Taxonomic Categories,” cites mainstream biologists and paleontologists from schools such as the University of Chicago, Yale, Cambridge and Oxford who are critical of certain aspects of Darwinism.

Meyer ? a fellow at Seattle’s Discovery Institute, a leading advocate of intelligent design ? contends supporters of Darwin’s theory cannot explain how so many different animal types sprang into existence during the relatively short period of Earth history known as the Cambrian explosion.

These modern-day Torquemadas are the men and women to whom the editorial staff at the Washington Post, and others like them, believe Christians should yield the floor.

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