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Among the good collection of thoughts from the Homespun Bloggers this week:

  • The Bull Speaks out on pride at being at the second Inauguration of his Commander-in-Chief;
  • Respectful Insolence on Holocaust denial;
  • Comparative Justice offers the second part of his series on Just War Theory;
  • David has A Physicist’s Perspective on Instapundit’s snarky slap at Intelligent Design;
  • Tom at MuD&PhUD opines on a new bill to legalize handguns for self-defense;
  • and my post, seen below, on the insanity of Germany’s unemployment benefits law, which requires women under 55 to accept a job offer to provide “sexual services” at a brothel or lose their benefits.

While you’re there, take a listen to Homespun Bloggers Radio.

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