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Back to My Radio Days

I used to be hip. Fifteen years ago, I was picking the hits as PD and afternoon drive jock of CHR station Hot 97 here in St. Louis. (That’s “program director” and “contemporary hit radio”, for you non-media types.)

However, moving every 15 months seemed like more fun before I got married and my daughter was born. Thus I began my journey out of broadcasting, which carried me through real estate, retail management, and on to steel pipe sales.

We’ll see about the novelist gig. Eggs haven’t quite hatched, so I’m not counting them yet.

But this week, I took a step back to my first love, radio. A brief rant on the issue of Intelligent Design is featured in the current Homespun Bloggers Radio show. Click the link and listen, and thanks to Doug Payton at Considerettes for producing.

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