WaPo: Darwin is God

The Washington Post weighs in on Intelligent Design:

a startling 55 percent of Americans — and 67 percent of those who voted for President Bush — do not, according to a recent CBS poll, believe in evolution at all. According to a recent Gallup poll, about a third of Americans believe that the Bible is literally true.
To teach intelligent design as science in public schools is a clear violation of the principle of separation of church and state. It also violates principles of common sense. In fact, the breadth and extent of the anti-evolutionary movement that has spread almost unnoticed across the country should force American politicians to think twice about how their public expressions of religious belief are beginning to affect education and science. The deeply religious nature of the United States should not be allowed to stand in the way of the thirst for knowledge or the pursuit of science. Once it does, it won’t be long before the American scientific community — which already has trouble finding enough young Americans to fill its graduate schools — ceases to lead the world.

Ah, so that’s it. Not only are we backwards, our blind acceptance of the biblical account of creation makes us unfit for careers in the sciences. It’s even unpatriotic!

This “editorial” in a respectable “newspaper” reveals just how scary the concept of an all-powerful Creator is to the “elite”. (Nice use of “scare quotes”, though.)

This is so condescending it’s unbelievable. The editorial writer for the Post is clearly stunned to learn that he’s in the minority. That he assumes this is due to some recent wave of fundamentalism is laughable, and proves that he doesn’t know much about the history of these United States.

Anti-evolutionary movement has not spread across the country; it’s always been here. Pseudo-intellectuals like the Post editorial writer need to get out more. There’s a whole lot of America he obviously hasn’t seen.

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