Disappointed in the Instapundit

Like the rest of the blogosphere, I check Glenn Reynolds’ site on a regular basis for a quick look at what’s making news out there. Sadly, Glenn showed a surpringly snide streak yesterday with a slap at “under-informed” creationists.

Well, Glenn deserves a little slack. His expertise is law, not science. For the record, creationists believe in science. We have no problem with science. In fact, we would welcome a bit more science in the classroom!

The hypocrisy of Darwinists is that they profess to defend the sanctity of science while reversing the proper order of scientific inquiry: You’re supposed to draw conclusions from the evidence instead of categorizing the evidence to fit your conclusions.

I’m going to link again to an article in the Telegraph published on December 26, which was buried by coverage of the tsunami (and rightly so). In a nutshell, the results of the first complete analysis of the 200 or so skeletons of our alleged pre-human ancestors showed that all of them–every last one–is a misidentified modern human.

What does this mean? It means there is no Australopithecus, no Neanderthal, no Cro-magnon–no missing link, in fact, because there is nothing to link to.

There are plenty of other reasons to question the Darwinist explanation of how we came to be, but this is a big one. And of course, it’s been ignored by the the mainstream press.

The question that needs to be asked, to Instapundit, Kevin Drum, or anyone else who cares to field this: Why are Darwinists afraid of us? Why are they afraid to expose kids to an analysis of the evidence from a creationist point of view?

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