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Neurosis, Thy Name is “Cub Fan”

Don Hill is peeved at the mainstream sports media. Apparently Philadelphia has been designated the sports neuroses capital of America, now that the Red Sox have removed the monkey from Boston’s back:

Give me a break. Although the accomplishment is impressive in itself, you need decades of futility to match the Cubs. I will go on record as saying that no Phila fan can tie my neurosis shoelaces. I will not sit still and be called less neurotic than anyone and I share this title with millions of faithful Cubbie fans. Even before the Bosox won, we were number one. We have been swept in the Series, lost in seven games in the Series, had championship after championship “locked up” just to find rediculous ways NOT to win. The Eagles never lost after having anything sewn away. The Eagles were completely dominated in two of the championships and were playing catch-up in the first one. Yeah we’ve done those things, many times, AND had the distinction of dominating the other teams just to lose anyway. The Iggles were in the Super Bowl in ’81 and got blown out. They won the world championship as recently as 1960 and won two others in 1948 and 1949. Pshaw! You have got to go a lot longer to even be in the Cubs league.

Preach it, brother!

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