Illinois: Unsafe For Religious Conservatives

The state just passed what is touted as a “gay rights” bill:

CHICAGO – Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich plans to sign legislation today (Jan. 21, 2005) that would ban discrimination of gays and lesbians.

The legislation — approved by the General Assembly last week — prohibits discriminating against people because of sexual orientation in housing, employment, credit and other areas. Illinois would join 13 states and Washington D-C that have similar laws.

Rick Garcia of the gay rights group Equality Illinois says the legislation is the culmination of almost 30 years of hard work for those who believe that all people should have equal treatment under the law.

Opponents of the law have said it opens the door to gay marriage and would infringe on religious organizations’ rights.

Would you want to be the first Bible-believing church pastor in Illinois to turn down a homosexual job applicant because scripture says homosexuality is a sin? I’ll bet there’s a lawsuit in Illinois before 2005 is over.

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