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Nightbringer is a Winner

The latest novel by author James Byron Huggins, a labelmate of ours at Whitaker House, has been selected by Library Journal as one of the Top 5 Christian Fiction titles of 2004:

Something evil lurks at St. Gregory’s, an isolated abbey in the Italian Alps, which is allowing its first visitors in over 50 years. Mysterious guests, plenty of plot twists, and spine-tingling terror add up to a thrilling rollercoaster ride.

I finished reading Nightbringer last night, and I agree wholeheartedly. Huggins’ pacing is taut, even breakneck, never allowing the momentum to sag. You barely get time for a breather before the protagonists are thrown into another whirlwind confrontation with a beast that inspired nightmares in the days before the Flood.

My wife tells me that Mr. Huggins will be at the CBA Advance in Nashville next week to promote the book. Sharon should have a chance to meet him while she’s there signing copies of her novels, Winds of Evil and Armageddon Strain, which are due to be released by Whitaker House on February 1.

I hope she can get his autograph on my copy, and I pray we can live up to the high standard he’s set–I know Sharon can, I’m worried about me–for the new line of fiction published by Whitaker House.

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