Connecticut Joins Stem Cell Stampede

Nobody wants to be left behind when the gravy train pulls away from the station:

Hartford, CT ( — With other states charging ahead to spend lavishly on embryonic stem cell research that has yet to cure a single patient, Connecticut lawmakers are not content to stand by and watch. Dozens of lawmakers say they’re ready to approve a bill that failed in last year’s session.

Proponents of the measure say the only unanswered question not whether Connecticut lawmakers will bankroll the destructive research, but how much they’ll spend on it.

“What a difference a year makes,” said a smiling Sen. Christopher Murphy, as he looked around the packed room at a press conference for the legislation. Murphy is the co-chairman of the public health committee, that will first consider the bill.

Republican Governor Jodi Rell supports the effort as do Democratic leaders in both chambers.

Rell is expected to ask lawmakers to put $10 to $20 million behind stem cell research efforts, but Senate President Pro Tem Donald Williams wants to spend at least $100 million.

“Let us be bold,” Williams told the Hartford Courant. “Let us not lose the opportunity.”

Translated: “Let us not lose the millions of dollars in biotech investment that even now is headed for California.”

This is like watching investors line up to throw money at dot-coms again, except this time they’re doing it with public money.

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