We Haven’t Learned

Tom at MuD & PhUD picked up on this:

ABOARD THE USS BONHOMME RICHARD (AP) — Cpl. Sean Foley looks around the ship’s main armory and takes a quick inventory. The room is overflowing with guns. Pistols, sniper rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers.
But Indonesian officials have also been reluctant to let the Marines come ashore with their weapons because of the image that might project.

“We are very concerned about force protection,” Greenwood said. “But if you go in there and look like an invading force instead of a humanitarian force, that could be just as detrimental as having no security whatsoever. So you have to balance it.”

With Muslim terror groups in the region a very real threat, taking the guns out of the hands of our Marines is stupid.

Unless, of course, they’re being used as a tripwire force; bait to lure terrorists into attacking, to give us a reason to widen the war on terror. Playing with the lives of other people’s kids is just monstrous.

I don’t think our military would play that game. But you’d think, after our experience using the military in a humanitarian role in Somalia, we’d know better than to send a force into potentially hostile territory unarmed.

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