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Odd Movie Pick

Next Of Kin – 1989 movie starring Patrick Swayze, Liam Neeson, Adam Baldwin, and Bill Paxton. Swayze plays a boy from my in-laws’ old stomping grounds, the coal mining country of southeast Kentucky. After leaving the Airborne, he finds himself unable to return to the hills and begins a career as a cop in Chicago. His younger brother, Paxton, follows him north and is killed by gangsters when he gets caught in a takeover of a North Side vending machine business.

When older brother Neeson, who does a mighty fine Kentucky accent for an Irishman, is killed trying to extract some Old Testament vengeance, Swayze turns in his badge and turns to his Kentucky kin, who bring a taste of Deliverance to the Windy City.

While the film’s morality is questionable–God really doesn’t want us to take the law into our own hands–I have to confess it was a lot of fun watching good ol’ boys from Harlan take out a hit squad from the Chicago mob.

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