Like Clockwork

Muslim terrorists in Thailand don’t even take breaks for tsunamis:

On January 3, 2005, as relief work to help the victims of the tsunami was at full steam the government of Thailand deployed 10,000 troops on a different mission. The soldiers were sent to the three southern provinces of Thailand where attacks by Muslim militants have continued even since the tsunami disaster.

In recent months, Muslim violence has become a daily event in the south of Thailand. Muslim terrorists have targeted Thai policemen, state symbols, Buddhist monks and shopping centers. A staple attack has been drive-by shootings targeting Buddhist teachers employed in Thai state schools. Violence and attacks in the south have claimed the lives of more than 560 people over the course of 2004.

We need to watch this area. The Thai government is growing frustrated with attacks by insurgents trained in Malaysia and linked to Indonesian terror groups.

It’s not inconceivable that this could affect the whole region, which includes Singapore, Myanmar (Burma), India, and Pakistan. A lot of the world’s cargo tonnage sails through that area; Singapore and nearby Malaysian ports are the largest deep-water ports in Southeast Asia.

Think security; think thousands of cargo containers.

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