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New World Disorder

Columnist Gerald Warner in The Scotsman, on the way things ought to be:

If there is a New World Order, the lead role should be taken by the UN, opine progressives. To that end, a squalid collection of gangsters has been awarded quasi-religious status. The invasion of Iraq was a major error of judgment by America; but it was not wrong because it lacked the endorsement of the UN. What kind of moral arbiter is a body whose 53-member Commission on Human Rights has included Algeria, Cuba, Iran, Vietnam and Zimbabwe (Libya chaired the 2003 session)?
The UN?s notorious Oil-for-Food programme in Iraq did not simply benefit Kofi Annan?s son: the $67bn it channelled to Saddam paid for weaponry that killed Iraqis and the coalition forces alike. The latest audit of UN accounts found $16.8m had gone in straightforward fraud; one project director in Somalia had pocketed $100,000. UN officials are stealing from the poorest people on earth, while beaming moralising cant at the rest of the world.
[F]or the foreseeable future, the US is the only game in town. It is to be hoped that second-term Republicans are in butt-kicking mode at Gleneagles and everywhere else. It is time for the West to awaken from somnambulist appeasement of the Third World blackmailers.


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