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World Atheists Meet

I had no idea they had their own conventions:

[India News]: Vjayawada, Jan 7 : The world was steadily moving away from the stranglehold of religion and despite some temporary set backs countries were moving towards tolerance and secularism, according to former President of Norway-based International Humanist and Ethical Union Levi Fagell.

The need to teach the world atheism should not be misunderstood as lack of ethical and emotional qualities among the atheists, he said inaugurating the fifth World Atheist Conference here today.

What do they do at atheist conferences? Debate doctrine? Vote on proper forms of expressing their disbelief?

More to the point, on what do atheists base their ethics? It seems to me that without a supreme judge to whom one must answer someday, the only logical code of ethics for an atheist is unrestrained self-interest.

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