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Christian Carnival: 2005 No. 1

Welcome to the first Christian Carnival of 2005! We had a bit of an adventure getting this one up on the web. The afternoon before I posted this collection of notes, our host company suddenly pulled the plug on this site, and as of 10:30 Tuesday night we’re still down. (It’s fully paid up, honest!)

Maybe that’s what I get for using a host company named for one of the ancient Greek gods. (Hint: He was the Hellenized version of the Babylonian god Nergal, king of the underworld. Coincidence? Hmm…)

Anyway, here we are. In keeping with the start of the new year, we have some reflections on the year we just put to bed, speculation on what’s ahead, and observations of the world around us.

We begin with a wonderful selection to start the new year from Parochial and Plain Sermons by the Venerable John Henry Newman, provided by Donna at Quenta N?

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