How ‘Bout That Parity

I’m stunned that the Rams have actually qualified for the playoffs with the season they just had. 8-8 record, not much defense, and an offense that has really struggled–as much because of coach Mike Martz as anything else.

Among the boys at the office, the feeling is mixed. We’re pretty much resigned to going nowhere this season, and we’re not pleased with Martz and his decisions. He doesn’t seem to make adjustments well; remember his play-calling in the second half in the Super Bowl against the Patriots. Missing the playoffs this year might have given Rams’ management justification to bid Coach Martz adieu.

Just as amazing is noting that the best record among the NFC teams playing in the wild card games next weekend, 10-6 (Packers), is the worst record among the AFC teams (Jets, Broncos). Even the 13-3 Eagles look beatable.

Can any of the NFC teams knock off the best in the AFC?

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