Before You Invest in that Oceanside Property

Consider that the tragedy which struck the nations around the Bay of Bengal this weekend could happen in the US:

Researchers have discovered that a chunk of volcano in the Canary Islands the size of the Isle of Man is on the brink of falling into the sea. Scientists believe it could break away when the Cumbre Vieja volcano in La Palma next erupts.

If that happened a giant tsunami, or massive wave, reaching heights of more than 500 feet would be sent racing across the Atlantic at the speed of a passenger jet. Around nine hours later it would hit the Caribbean islands and the east coasts of Canada and the US.

After travelling 4,000 miles the wave would be lower and wider but still around 20 metres – 50 metres (66ft – 164ft) high. Stretching for many miles, it would home in on estuaries and harbours and sweep up to 20 miles inland, destroying everything in its path.

Boston, New York, Washington DC and Miami would be virtually wiped off the map and tens of millions of people killed.

Meanwhile the size of the waves reaching Britain would be half as high as those hitting America but this would still be on the same scale as those seen in the disaster in the Indian Ocean.

My grandparents’ old farm in North Dakota is starting to look pretty good.

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