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The Poison Plot

Despite the apparent happy ending in Ukraine, there are still things that don‘t add up in the tale of Viktor Yushchenko’s dioxin poisoning, to wit:

1. Yushchenko may have been exposed to a large amount of dioxin (barring outright fraudulent manipulation of the blood drawn in Vienna and sent to Amsterdam). However, dioxin poisoning was not why he was admitted to Rudolfinerhaus on Sept. 10, 2004.

2. The chronology of the proposed exposure to dioxin, the manifestation of symptoms, and the appearance of chloracne do not fit the chronology of the claims made by Yushchenko and the Rudolfinerhaus clinic.

3. Yushchenko drank too much alcohol the night of Sept. 5 2004, and he likely drinks too much frequently.

4. Test results released from Rudolfinerhaus show conclusively that Yushchenko had pancreatitis and an enlarged liver, both of which are common sequelae of alcoholism.

5. Rudolfinerhaus tried to cover these findings with inaccurate press releases and a grossly and purposely misleading clinical report “conclusion.”

6. If Yushchenko keeps drinking, it is not unlikely that his liver and pancreatic disease will progress and he will be left with chronic pancreatitis (which can lead to diabetes and insulin dependence) and/or cirrhosis (which can lead to death by numerous pathways).

What we are left with is a story by Dickens or Hugo, and a tale for the ages.

It seems the Western elites have their man in place in Ukraine. But Vladimir Putin and his team of ex-KGB are resourceful men, and now it‘s their move.

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