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How Did Our Ancestors Survive?

No prescription meds! No prescription drug benefits! How did so many of them live into their 70s and 80s?

And now they want to take away Aleve and Naprosyn!

The Food and Drug Administration is now warning about heart risks related to the use of Naproxen, a popular pain killer sold over the counter under various names.

The latest shock to the industry came Monday night when federal regulators disclosed that the National Institutes of Health last Friday halted a drug study involving certain anti-inflammatory drugs and patients at risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

One of the drugs involved, Naproxen, is sold in generic form but is also the key ingredient in such brands as Aleve, sold by Germany’s Bayer and Naprosyn, sold by a subsidiary of Switzerland’s Roche.

The NIH study in question also involved Celebrex, Pfizer’s prescription drug approved for treating arthritis which is now the subject of its own safety concerns after the company last Friday disclosed that it had raised questions about increased cardiovascular risk in one of two clinical trials for cancer patients. Pfizer has pulled its consumer Celebrex ads but has maintained its position that the drug is safe for its original FDA-approved use.
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The FDA warning advises consumers to use Naproxen-based drugs for no longer than 10 days and not diverge from label instructions.

Sarcasm aside, this points up a disturbing trend: Are we doing ourselves more harm than good with all of our prescription drugs? Is there more benefit to big biotech than to consumers here, and what part does profit play in getting FDA approval for new drug therapies?

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