Odd Movie Picks

Heavenly Creatures – A 1994 movie co-written and directed by Peter Jackson of LOTR fame. Creatures is based on the disturbing true story of two teen girls in 1950s New Zealand whose intense relationship leads them into a lurid fantasy world in which they rationalize killing the mother of one of the girls. Jackson and his wife, Frances Walsh, based the screenplay on the diaries of Pauline Rieper, whose mother the girls beat to death with a brick. Jackson portrays their retreat from reality as they cling ferociously to one another against their parents’ wishes. Chilling.

The Order – A good thriller about a young priest from a dying order, the Carolingians, who is sent to find and destroy the Sin-Eater. The Sin-Eater, or The Other, is a man who can absorb the sins of the dying, offering absolution and a path to heaven for those who are outside the grace of the Roman Catholic Church. The theology is flawed, but the plot and lead actor Heath Ledger were compelling enough to make my wife and I ask, “Okay–what if we approached that idea from the proper worldview?” Our kind of movie.

On a similar note, the complete second season of our favorite television series ever, Millennium, will be released on January 4, the day before my birthday. Again, the theology is flawed because it came from Hollywood (can’t use the “J” word), but the idea of a man with the ability to peer behind the veil separating the physical world from the supernatural was compelling. Lance Henriksen starred as Frank Black, and he was perfect in the role. Henriksen is one of the most underrated actors working today, and Millennium was his star turn.

If you enjoy supernatural thrillers, Season Two of Millennium is worth the expense.

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