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The Battle For Christmas

Albert Mohler writes today on the latest front in the culture war:

One of the most ludicrous cases of anti-Christmas bias run amok is found in Southwest Florida, where the Freedom Elementary School in East Manatee forbids even snowflakes. In this school, winter itself has been banned as overtly religious…
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Jonathan Morgan, an eight-year-old student at Thomas Elementary School, was denied permission to hand out pens shaped like candy canes at his school’s holiday party. School officials turned down his request because the pens were to be marked with a message that was explicitly Christian.
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Who knew that–in America of all places–singing Christmas carols and wishing strangers “Merry Christmas” could become a form of civil disobedience? This Christmas, Christians should determine to be cultural subversives, spreading “Merry Christmas” and Christmas blessings, even to those who expect the political correctness police to show up at any minute. We cannot take this sitting down. When candy canes are ruled out of bounds in Plano, Texas, we are obviously in big trouble.

My dad–who gets smarter as I get older–has the solution: Since Christmas is obviously a “religious” holiday, at least in the view of the secularists who are trying to remove all traces of Christ from it, we should take away all paid holidays from government employees in late December in the interest of separating church and state.

That would put a stop to this charade in a hurry. Either the courts would rule that singing carols and handing out candy cane pens do not amount to a violation of the Constitution, or the Christian celebration would be abandoned altogether for a pagan winter solstice party–like they did this year in Denver.

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