The Yushchenko Poisoning Plot

No, not to poison Viktor Yushchenko, but to make it look like he was poisoned:

In news accounts of the Yushchenko “poisoning” mystery, [Dr. Michael] Zimpfer is variously described as the “president” or the “head” of the Rudolfinerhaus clinic, but a better description of his position is “administrative chief.” His official title is President of the clinic’s Board of Supervisors.

The chief medical doctor at the clinic, who supervised and had first-hand knowledge of Yushchenko’s case, was Dr. Lothar Wicke. I put that in the past tense because, on December 9, Dr. Wicke resigned. It seems that his skeptical remarks concerning the unproven status of the “poisoning” accusations had proved injurious to his health.

At a news conference held just after Yushchenko’s first visit to Rudolfinerhaus, Dr. Wicke had accused unnamed individuals not on the medical staff of spreading “medically falsified diagnoses concerning the condition of Mr. Yushchenko.” He also pointed to the complete lack of any evidence that the candidate had been poisoned, either deliberately or otherwise. This did not endear him to the Yushchenko crowd.

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ), a leading German newspaper, and reporter Emil Bobi, of the Austrian magazine Profil, Dr. Wicke received numerous death threats and explicit warnings from the Yushchenko clan. As the FAZ reports:

“Thereafter Yushchenko’s people made clear to Wicke that he should not say anything more concerning the affair, since otherwise [as Wicke puts it] ‘one would resort to other means against me and the hospital.’ Dr. Wicke is also supposed to have received death threats at the time.”

The December 10 issue of Le Figaro, a leading French daily, reveals the atmosphere of thuggishness prevailing during Yushchenko’s sojourns to Rudolfinerhaus, describing the outbreak of violent scuffles at one October news conference involving “a strange security force with Slavic accents.” Yielding to the demand of the Ukrainian parliament, Austrian cops were sent to Rudolfinerhaus to secure Yushchenko’s medical files. Profil reports they “practically came to blows with Yushchenko’s entourage.”

According to Le Figaro, Wicke says Yushchenko angrily berated him for “perhaps having made [Yushchenko] lose the presidential elections.” The heat was on, and Dr. Wicke apparently began to wilt: after all, he explained to Le Figaro, “I have a child, you understand.”

There are a lot of things here that don’t add up.

For more on why the alleged Yushchenko poisoning is a fraud, see CodeBlueBlog and the Transatlantic Intelligencer.

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