Yushchenko: Don’t Investigate Poisoning

The AntiWar.com blog notes a curious response from Viktor Yushchenko to the attempt to poison him with dioxin:

Ukrainian opposition leader Viktor Yushchenko called for a serious investigation to determine how he was poisoned by dioxin, but urged it be conducted after the December 26 presidential run-off election to avoid influencing the results.
“I don’t want this factor to influence the election in some way – either as a plus or a minus,” Yuschenko said in Russian as he left the clinic and headed back to Kiev. “This question will require a great deal of time and serious investigation. Let us do it after the election – today is not the moment.”

Gosh, maybe it’s just me, but if somebody had slipped a deadly substance into my soup, I’d sure want to know who the heck it was.

And doesn’t it seem to you that this assassination attempt has already become an issue in the election?

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