What if…

Max Boot asks:

Imagine if U.S. troops were accused of sexually exploiting children in impoverished nations. Imagine if a U.S. Cabinet secretary were accused of groping a female subordinate, whose complaint was then swatted aside by the president. Imagine if the head of a U.S. government agency and the president’s own offspring stood accused of complicity in the biggest embezzlement racket in history.

I imagine the protests on the streets of Europe (and San Francisco) would be large, loud, and thoroughly justified.

Since it’s the United Nations, instead of the United States, there is instead a deafening silence. It’s tempting to marvel at the inability of Europeans, Asians, and Africans to notice the glaring chasm between idealism and reality at the United Nations, which has a record of corruption, abuse, and criminality that seems to go unnoticed outside the blogosphere.

However, once you realize that the purpose of the U.N. is not to foster peace between nations, but to enrich the elites entrenched behind the scenes, then its actions make perfect sense.

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