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Odd Movie Recommendation

Sharon and I don’t get out to the movies often. We prefer our recliners and 35″ Toshiba. One of our favorite things is to find odd little movies that were overlooked or underrated. Here are a few of the gems we’ve discovered while scouring the higher numbered channels on the cable box:

  • Willard – 2003 remake of the 1971 boy-and-his-rat story from Morgan and Wong, the creative team that helped Chris Carter make The X-Files and Millennium some of the best television ever. Crispin Glover is riveting.
  • Ravenous – Robert Carlyle, Guy Pearce, David Arquette, and Jeffrey Jones in a creepy tale about the native American legend of the wendigo.
  • Ed and His Dead Mother – Steve Buscemi learns the hard way that bring your dead mother back to life has unexpected consequences. Miriam Margolyes is wonderful as Ed’s resurrected mother.

Keep watching. I’ll add more as we find them.

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